We provide access solutions to Hong Kong's power generation, construction, maintenance and other industries

Safety is always our number one priority. We maintain our excellent safety record by ensuring that all our solutions are fully proven, certified and compliant. Our professional, loyal and competent workforce are highly trained and constantly monitored by competent supervisors and our safety department.

What We Do

Access Solutions

We put in place a series of experts to provide helpful and competent advice whilst identifying and recommending metal scaffolding solutions

Industrial Cleaning

We provide a range of cleaning and decontamination services by using a wide range of safe industrial cleaning techniques

Industrial Coating/ Insulation Services

Using our extensive knowledge and expertise in the repair and reconditioning of industrial equipment, our technical team is fully trained and equipped to carry out a variety of industrial coating works as well as insulation replacement

Industrial Site Set Up, Demarcation & Uplifting Services

On a construction or industrial site, there are many materials and equipment that will need lifting to different levels of height— and will involve different lifting equipments, gears, experts and professional operators

Case Studies

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Safety Always

As one of the foremost access & engineering companies in Hong Kong, we strive to be at the forefront of SHEQ compliance, innovation and good practice.

Company Profile

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